How to make a foil bag for easy, quick nutritious food. 

Our main goal at The Limitless Chefs is to teach people how they can cook great healthy food that’s convenient to their normal day to day life.

For this to happen we know people don’t want to be getting five different pans on every time they try and cook a healthy dinner! As chefs, we are used to intense and complicated cooking on a day to day basis, so the last thing we want is to do the same at home. Therefore, we have become fans of the cooking in a bag method (en papillote if you’re being fancy).

This method, long used in classical French cookery, is great at delicately cooking fish by gently steaming it in their own juices. However, we like to think we can think out side of the box (or should that be bag?!) Why limit the bags potential to just delicate fish? What about chicken? Or curry? Or anything for that matter? By steaming in the bag everything cooks beautifully tenderly, and better still, nothing is lost. Its full of flavour and best of all all the nutrients or minerals stay in the bag. When we boil veg (unless you then drink the cooking water) you are losing all the essential minerals and vitamins, most of which are water soluble,  which is why we are eating the veg in the first place 😀.

So we have totally embraced the foil bag here, and so should you.

But first you need to learn how to make one…

[wpvideo bfUCj2Y6]
Happy cooking!

The Limtless Chefs

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